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Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of compressible and incompressible fluids, Advanced signals processing techniques, Turbulence in relation to coherent structures identification, similarity laws, theoretical modelling, CFD simulation

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Here find two recent videos filmed in our Lab: Experimental Aerodynamics with 3D printers and Subsonic Jet (from aerodynamic and aeroacoustic point of view). We thanks Giancarlo Palermo and Michele Anello for their kind cooperation for filming  and for drone shots.

New article published in prestigious “Journal of Fluid Mechanics”.

Our research article “An experimental investigation into model-scale installed jet–pylon–wing noise” was published in “Journal of Fluid Mechanics”. This paper stems from the collaboration between the Fluid Mechanics and Aeroacoustics group of the University of Roma Tre, the Cranfield University and the University of Southampton.

Workshop VENUS 17-12-2021

1st WORKSHOP Distributed propulsion noise and its mitigation through wind tunnel experiments and numerical simulations  17 DECEMBER 2021, 9:00-13:00 CET ROMA3 UNIVERSITY Engineering Department The workshop objective is to share the research results matured after 18 months in the framework of H2020 VENUS project. The focus is on the field of noise mitigation for aircraft […]

Progetto Venus su Platinum “Aziende & Protagonisti”

Si parla del Progetto Venus  nella Rivista Platinum “Aziende & Protagonisti” del numero di Luglio 2021. Il professor Roberto Camussi, responsabile del Progetto H2020 per il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Università di Roma Tre, spiega le finalità green che guidano l’azione della ricerca scientifica di “Venus”. L’articolo completo dal titolo “Un’ala dalle molte eliche elettriche” si […]

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