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XXXV COURSE (01/11/2019-31/12/2022)
Dott. Luana Stoica – “Development and performance assessment of a low-noise fan and phononic crystals-based devices for ducted fan noise control.A. Di Marco
XXXIII COURSE (01/11/2017-31/10/2020)
Dott. Meloni Stefano – “Experimental investigations on the pressure field induced by subsonic jets in installed configurations”.

Dott. De Paola Elisa – “Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic characterization of counter-rotating open rotors (CROR) through experimental and numerical data analysis”.
R. Camussi
A. Di Marco
XXXII COURSE (01/11/2016-31/10/2019)
Dott. Ahmad Mohsin Khail – “Experimental Analysis Of An Under-Expanded Jet Interacting with a tangential flat plate : Flow visualizations and Wall Pressure Statistics”.R. Camussi
XXIX COURSE (01/01/2014-31/12/2016)
Dott. Chiocchini Stefano – “Chaotic and Linear Statistics Analysis in Thermo-acoustic Combustion Instabilities Detection”.
Dott. Gefen Lior – “Development, validation and application to databases, of advanced analysis techniques for noise sources identification.
Dott. Matteo Mancinelli – “Experimental investigation of compressible and incompressible jet aeroacoustics in free and installed configurations through advanced time-frequency analysis”.
Dott. Miguel Elena – “Experimental study of high subsonic and underexpanded supersonic jets by classical and data-based decomposition techniques.
R. Camussi
XXV COURSE (01/01/2010-31/12/2012)
Dott. Tiziano Pagliaroli – “Aeroacoustic, acoustic and fluid dynamic characterization of rectangular partial enclosures”.R. Camussi
XXIV COURSE (01/11/2008-31/10/2011)
Dott. Francisco Rodriguez-Verdugo – “Experimental investigation of flow past open and partially covered cylindrical cavities”.
Dott. Daniele Grassucci – “Studio di pressione e velocità in un getto libero mediante Wavelet e Linear Stochastic Estimation”.
R. Camussi
XXIII COURSE (01/11/2007-31/10/2010)
Dott. Silvano Grizzi – “Aerodinamica ed Aeroacustica di Getti: caratterizzazione mediante tecniche laser velocimetriche avanzate e misure di pressione, individuazione delle sorgenti di rumore”.R. Camussi
XXII COURSE (01/11/2006-31/10/2009)
Dott. Emanuele Giulietti – “Thermoacoustic instabilities in gas turbine burners: new diagnostic methodology”.
Dott. Giovanni Aloisio – “Aeroacustica e aerodinamica dei flussi separati “.
R. Camussi
XXI COURSE (01/11/2005-31/10/2008)
Dott. Giovanni Caputi Gennaro – “Caratterizzazione di sorgenti aeroacustiche mediante tecniche wavelet”.
Dott. Alessandro di Marco – “Combustione in varie tipologie di bruciatori”.
R. Camussi