Laser Doppler Anemometry

The tool consists of

  • Air-cooled Melles Griot 543 series Argon laser.
  • Laser power: 200mW, wavelength: 514nm (green).
  • Photomultiplier and RSA (Real Time Signal Analyzer) Aerometrics
  • Aerometrics optics (fiber optics).

The system uses an Argon laser (wavelength equal to 514.5 nm – green). It is possible to adjust the laser power up to a maximum of 200 mW.

The beam is then sent into the Fiber Optics AEROMETRICS unit where it is split into two beams, via a Bragg cell. Finally, the two rays are sent to the optical unit which makes them intersect in the measurement volume. In the photomultiplier the light signal is transformed into an electrical signal which is finally PC processed.