Hot Wire anemometry

Hot wire anemometry allows to measure the velocity components within a turbulent flow. Its high bandwidth allows to obtain complete measurements for the study of turbulence, through statistical and spectra analysis.
Two hot wire anemometry systems are available in the laboratory:

  • 1 mainframe A.A. Lab Systems with 4 CTA bridges and one CCA bridge.
  • 1 TSI IFA-300 system with 4 CTA bridges and one CCA bridge. There is a system for automatic temperature compensation through a thermocouple and an automatic calibrator with the possibility of calibrating the probes in a range of 0-140 m / s.

The CTA bridge is used for the measurement of the flow velocity components, in particular of the fluctuating components. CCA used for measuring the fluctuating component of the temperature in a non-isothermal flow.