Wind Tunnel

It’s a closed circuit and closed test section wind tunnel facility, located in the ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment) Casaccia Research Center. It is used for commercial, institutional and didactic activities.
The tunnel is completed by several experimental systems (hot wire anemometers, pressure transducers, traversing systems, pitot tubes, data acquisition systems, etc.).

The maximum flow’s mean speed in the test section is 90 m/s for 900 rpm of the fan. Dimensions of the test section are 0.9m x 1.1m x 2.5m (HxWxL).

Relative turbulence level, evaluated in the test section center at a mean speed of 40 m/s, is of the order of 0.1%, with Sound Pressure Level SPL=100 dB and a flow inclination less than 0.2 deg.

The flow, cross-sectional measured in terms of mean longitudinal speed and its deviation, is homogeneus and uniform along all the test section; moreover thre aren’t pressure gradients.

Temperature is controlled by a heat exchanger system, which allows for constant temperature working condition with variations of ±1°C in the range 15°-30°C.